13 Key Attitudes of Exceptional Tech Employees

I recently engaged in a discussion with high-ranking officials at Chipotle, an exponentially growing business in the Food industry, regarding their recruitment strategies. Interestingly, the firm looks for 13 unique qualities in their potential employees, irrespective of whether the jobs are client-facing or not, including IT, software outsourcing in Viet Nam, and software services in Vietnam.

Upon studying their list of these qualities, it dawned on me that these characteristics are exactly what every employer seeks in their staff and what colleagues expect from one another. Here is the list, along with my take on each characteristic:

  • Conscientious. Exceptional employees finish tasks independently and without any supervision. They take it upon themselves to complete the job and ensure they do it correctly.
  • Respectful. Exceptional employees may not kowtow to their superiors, but they recognize and value their bosses’ and leaders’ contributions.
  • Hospitable. Exceptional employees are eager to work with their team members and clients, communicated through verbal and non-verbal cues.
  • High Energy. Exceptional employees bring their ‘A-game’ to every task and assignment instead of relying on their colleagues or managers for encouragement.
  • Infectiously Enthusiastic. Exceptional employees are naturally optimistic, they focus on the positives rather than complaining about the negatives.
  • Happy. Exceptional employees understand that their happiness is in their own hands. They believe it is about their perspective rather than a result of their circumstances.
  • Presentable. Exceptional employees recognize the importance of always looking professional and presentable, with no need for anyone else’s reminder.
  • Smart. Exceptional employees may not necessarily be geniuses, but they certainly know how to use their intelligence for maximum productivity.
  • Polite. Exceptional employees are mindful of their manners, realizing that courteousness remains the best approach to forming cordial relations with their colleagues and clients.
  • Motivated. Exceptional employees are naturally driven and determined to excel in their roles and do not need external incentives to work efficiently.
  • Ambitious. Exceptional employees always aspire to improve, which typically translates to taking on more responsibilities and climbing the ladder at work.
  • Curious. Exceptional employees hope to understand the reasons behind everything. They aim to delve deeper into people, technology, and ideas.
  • Honest. Exceptional employees do not need constant surveillance, as they will conscientiously do what is right, regardless of whether they are being observed or not.