AI Comics Download & US-China EV Tensions

About a decade and a half back, as a part of a journalism course, I penned a silly short narrative about a guy indulging in high-end cat food. Today, I watched in awe as a generative AI tool named Lore Machine brought my eccentric tale to life.

Lore Machine assessed the text, picked out character and setting descriptions,and then passed these data pieces to a picture-creation model. An annotated storyboard appeared on my computer screen. Browsing through the bright, artistic visuals of my long-lost characters made my heart race.

What places Lore Machine ahead of its competition is its user friendliness. The number of clicks between the upload and download phases of my story was less than ten. This feature positions it amongst the new-generation of easy-to-use solutions that veil the impressive capacity of generative models under a single-click online interface, thereby signaling the arrival of one-click AI. For more, read the complete story.

Chinese electric vehicles (EVs) are suddenly the focus amidst escalating US-China tensions. So far, the conversation around EVs in the US circled around scientific, economic, or environmental angles. However, now they have taken a crucial political turn.

The Biden administration, last week, said it would scrutinize the threats posed by smart cars manufactured in China. These vehicles have the potential to “gather classified data on our citizens and infrastructure and transmit this data to the People’s Republic of China.”