AI Critic Gary Marcus: A Walk and Talk

In the previous year, he penned a book dubbed Taming Silicon Valley, set to be released this coming autumn. This work serves as his unified proposition regarding how AI ought to be controlled while also being a rallying cry. He encourages the public to participate in the ongoing battle to ensure that AI firms are held accountable.

There are several measures the public can take, according to him. These range from boycotting certain software until the industry enhances its conduct, to voting based on candidates’ technology policies.

He fervently argues for measures and AI regulations because there remains a limited time frame in which AI-related problems can be resolved. He warns against repeating past mistakes made with social media company regulations. He contends that what we’ve witnessed with social media companies will seem minor compared to forthcoming AI-related occurrences.

After a walk consisting of approximately 12,000 steps, we land back at the Public Market on Granville Island. Feeling famished, he introduces me to a place renowned for its bagels. We both enjoy a lox with cream cheese under the pleasant outdoor sunlight before going our separate ways.

Later, he took to Twitter to share his thoughts about Sora, having gathered enough information to form an opinion. He tweeted: “Sora is remarkable, but it is more akin to reshaping and combining, rather than the route for physical reasoning needed for AGI.” He commented, “As more individuals gain access, more systemic glitches will surface. Many of these will be difficult to fix.”

Consider this a fair warning.