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Must-see technology updates

Combing the internet, we have collected today’s most interesting, crucial, and thought-provoking narratives on technology.

1. Deepfakes are resurrecting deceased politicians

Especially in Indonesia where over 200 million voters are about to cast their votes, and also in India, another country on the brink of its general elections.

2. BYD overtakes Tesla as the leading electric vehicle manufacturer globally
Its expansion has been undoubtedly remarkable and it is now receiving more attention. Furthermore, BYD is significantly venturing into the shipping industry.

3. Apps for Apple’s Vision Pro headset are being introduced by many sports leagues
Whether users will enjoy them is yet to be seen. However, it seems that using the headset daily for a couple of weeks is a pleasantly surprising experience and could potentially aid researchers in their work.

4. Vietnam is playing a key role in the US-China chip war
It is reinforcing this position by offering tax breach incentives to firms. Interestingly, it seems that accumulating trillions of dollars is presumably the least complex part of Sam Altman’s chip blueprint.

5. Real estate agents are utilizing AI to outfit homes with imaginary furniture
This surely reduces their efforts to some extent. However, the question arises: does it cross the boundary into direct deceit? Furthermore, AI is being deployed for a gloomier purpose: generating obituaries.

6. We are advancing towards blood tests that can foretell dementia
A huge survey with more than 50,000 volunteers has provided some brilliant discoveries.

7. Slack’s impact on us
It has made work seem simpler and perhaps even more immersive.

8. Spotify layoffs lead to outrage among fans for causing a musical encyclopedia to malfunction
It truly highlights the vulnerability of the digital world.

9. Temu is adamant about making itself known
The Chinese e-commerce company is investing heavily to achieve recognition among Americans. However, the anxiety concerning Chinese apps in the US might be exaggerated.

10. Musk is said to have purchased Twitter due to irritation with a private jet account
Apparently, this is how triviality appears when you are one of the wealthiest individuals globally.

“Every country should construct its own ‘sovereign’ AI because it embodies your culture, your society’s knowledge, your common sense, your history – you own your own data.” This strong statement was made by Jensen Huang, CEO of Nvidia, at the World Governments Summit in Dubai, emphasizing the importance of AI.