Biden Admin May Extend Timeline for Automakers’ EV Shift

Plans are underway by the Biden administration to revise existing tailpipe emissions limitations, as per suggestions made by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in the previous year, according to reports. The focus is on providing vehicle manufacturers with a more generous timeline to boost electric vehicle (EV) production beyond that of gas-powered vehicles. Under the initial EPA proposal, 67 percent of new sales for cars and light-duty trucks should be EVs by 2032.

However, the new revised strategy might give manufacturers more time to increase their EV sales throughout the 2020s as opposed to immediate changeover. This change would necessitate a substantial surge in EV sales after 2030. The current high expense of electric vehicles and the inadequate charging facilities are the main barriers behind achieving the ambitious targets set by the EPA. Last year, only 7.6 percent of newly sold cars in the US were EVs.

This decision may be seen in part as an attempt to win over labor unions, a crucial pillar that Biden counts on for support. They’ve sought more time to unionize new EV production factories along with other concerns. The modifications to the norms are still under review. However, they are projected to be released by the upcoming spring.