Day of the Devs Transitions to Non-Profit Independent Indie Game Organization

Day of the Devs, an event spotlighting up-and-coming indie games and lesser-known titles, is known as a highlight of the Summer Game Fest and The Game Awards. The event consistently portrays promising projects that gamers should look out for. In a recent development, Day of the Devs has evolved into an independent non-profit entity.

Day of the Devs was initiated in 2012 as a joint venture between iam8bit and Double Fine, which was acquired by Microsoft in 2019. The team’s shift towards becoming a non-profit organization implies it will no longer be connected to Microsoft formally, offering more flexibility to function independently and embrace all platforms.

The organization’s management pointed out, “we have in effect always operated as a non-profit. However, formalizing this status—via a fiscal sponsorship agreement with Legacy Global—provides us access to improved funding opportunities, increases transparency in our fundraising activities and helps our sponsors and audience better grasp the crucial nature of their support.” Proceeds from fundraisers will be utilized for expenses such as venue charges, equipment, staffing, video production, and general operation costs.

A fundraiser campaign has been launched and donors can expect rewards like game keys from several developers and publishers, VIP event tickets, and physical merchandise. Notably, contributions towards Day of the Devs are now eligible for tax deductions.

Day of the Devs is committed to supporting developers without charging any fee and aims to maintain free entry for attendees at its events. The next in-person showcase is slated to take place in San Francisco on March 17, and developers are invited to propose their games for inclusion in the event.

Additionally, throughout March, Day of the Devs has scheduled multiple activities, such as an event at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art on March 18 and another at the Game Developers Conference. As expected, the organization will also conduct digital showcases during the Summer Game Fest and The Game Awards later in the year.