DeepMind’s AI Assistant Enhances Elite Soccer Coaching

AI assistants can ease the burden on coaches by analyzing data speedily and pinpointing team errors, which is their greatest advantage, according to an analyst specializing in predictive models from Ematiq, a sports data company. This professional wasn’t involved in the project under discussion.

GoogleDeepMind sought the assessment of TacticAI’s recommendations from five football experts, which included three data scientists, a video analyst, and a coaching assistant, all of whom are affiliated with Liverpool FC. These experts not only grappled to differentiate TacticAI’s suggestions from actual game plays but also preferred the system’s approaches over existing tactics 90% of the time.

These results point towards the possible utility of TacticAI’s strategies for coaches in real-world games, a staff research scientist at GoogleDeepMind who was a part of the project observes. He further adds that leading clubs always look for a competitive advantage and such tactics are becoming an integral part of modern football. Moreover, the predictive ability of TacticAI isn’t limited to just corner kicks. The same approach could be successfully used for other set pieces, general play over the course of a match, or even completely different sports like American football, hockey, or basketball. The scientist explains that as long as there’s a team-oriented sport in which modeling player interrelationships could be beneficial and data is available, this technique could be applicable.