Enjoy a Healthy Christmas – Healthier Matters Blog

During the holiday season, keeping one’s weight in check often goes on the back burner. Nevertheless, a few minor tweaks to your routine could make a considerable difference in mitigating holiday weight gain.

In the weeks leading up to Christmas, it’s crucial not to entirely deprive yourself of holiday goodies. Total denial will only make things more miserable. Rather, consider portion control. Taking a little helping of that Christmas cake can help you resist the urge to overindulge. If there aren’t treats readily available in your home, the odds of you going out of your way to buy them significantly decrease.

Regulating the frequency of your indulgence is another effective strategy. For instance, you could have a ‘treat day’ where there is one specially chosen goodie waiting for you. This will give you a sense of anticipation and deter you from stray indulgences.

Alcohol consumption naturally increases during the festive season. You might not know that a large glass of wine racks up about 195 calories, roughly equivalent to a slice of cake. To keep your calorie count in check, perhaps make a rule of drinking only in social settings.

If you’re not an exerciser, developing an exercise routine well before Christmas might do you good. The routine can help preempt potential weight gain. In addition, you might find gyms offering promotions — like waiving the registration fee — during the holiday period.

On Christmas Day, overspending and overeating are often intertwined. The key is portion control; there’s no obligation to eat to the point of discomfort. After the Christmas feast, a casual walk could help burn calories and divert your attention from further snacking at home.

Post-holiday, aim to revert to your normal diet ASAP. Overstocking on Christmas food might complicate things. Get any potential leftover in the freezer, so there’s no rush to finish it all before it spoils.

People generally put on some weight during Christmas. One effective way to track and manage post-holiday weight is using a mobile app that logs your food intake and exercise. When adhered strictly, such apps can facilitate your swift return to your target weight.