Four-Pack Apple AirTags on Sale for $79

Currently, Amazon is running a sale where you have the chance to get a few additional Apple AirTags for less. With a discount of $20 off the usual $99 price tag, you can now get a four-pack of the Bluetooth trackers for just $79. This is the best deal on a pack of AirTags we have spotted so far this year.

If you own an iPhone, there is no better device than AirTags to keep an eye on your possessions. This is because AirTags can connect to Apple’s extensive Find My network, making it easier to locate misplaced items. The ability to tap into location data shared by millions of Apple devices in use implies that you have a high probability of tracing whatever that has been misplaced.

At times, we misplace items somewhere within our own households. In such instances, Find My comprises of a Precision Finding feature that is compatible with iPhones, effectively guiding you when the object is somewhere nearby. Using the Find My app, you can activate the tracker to emit a sound, and the app directs you to the lost item using directional arrows. The app also shows you an approximation of how distant the item is.

Typically, the tracker’s battery endures up to a year, implying that you rarely need to stress about it depleting. Once a replacement is necessary, the tracker only requires a single CR2032 coin battery. However, the AirTags do have a slight flaw; they lack a key loop or a means to attach to another item inbuilt. So, to hang it onto anything, you would need to purchase an accessory.

AirTags are IP67 rated implying that they are dust and water-resistant. They are capable of tracking up to 32 items within the Find My app. All you need is an Apple device to take advantage of their tracking capabilities.

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