Google Reportedly Rebrands Bard to Gemini, Plans App Launch

Based on an undisclosed document found on X, Google is allegedly ready to introduce significant updates to its Bard AI tool, potentially this week. Still unconfirmed publicly, these plans may involve renaming Bard to Gemini. The name change aligns with the company’s recent introduction of its latest multimodal AI model, Gemini, in 2023 and its subsequent inclusion in certain Google products, including Bard. The updated information was provided by Android app developer Dylan Roussel on February 7, and also highlights that the subscription-based Gemini Advanced tier will be available concurrently. An Android app for Gemini is also in the pipeline.

Roussel’s shared recent updates for Bard are extensive and reveal its introduction to the Canadian market. However, the limitations linked with the app aren’t fully understood which has been a letdown for some, especially European users. Roussel also confirmed this web address as authentic. tweeted on February 3, 2024.

The document suggests that Gemini Advanced will furnish users with access to Ultra 1.0 version of Gemini, competent enough to execute complex tasks like coding, logical reasoning, adhering to detailed instructions, and collaborating creatively. Initially optimized for English language users across 150 countries, Gemini is also set to extend to the Canadian market with this update.