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Increasing demand for batteries has led to greater difficulty in procuring the necessary components. Yet, there may be a light at the end of the tunnel with alternative options such as lithium-sulfur. One promising sign lies with the startup, Lyten, which expects to roll out a limited batch of lithium-sulfur cells for its initial customers later this year. Find out more about this forward-looking initiative.

Here’s a rundown of noteworthy tech-related narratives available online today:

1. The value proposition of AI: While major tech companies are banking on enterprises investing in AI, not everyone is sold on the idea yet. But there’s a growing feeling that AI’s selling points will eventually win over its doubters.
Is there value in AI? (WSJ $)
The parallels between AI buzz and the telecom surge and slump (FT $)
OpenAI’s recent announcement promises to enhance ChatGPT’s functionality by improving its memory (NYT $)
The marketing strategy for AI to the general public is taking shape (CNBC)

2. AI Chatbot ‘girlfriends’ and privacy concerns: This new trend is raising eyebrows not just because of its unique premise but also the extremely personal data it collects.
The privacy nightmare of AI chatbot ‘girlfriends’ (Wired $)
Could you tell if an AI chatbot broke up with you? (WP $)
Take a moment to think before entrusting ChatGPT with flirtatious text messages (CNET)

3. Issues with EU climate policy: The policy might sound promising, but it relies largely on carbon-capture technology, which has yet to be thoroughly tested.
Exploring the flaws in the EU’s climate policy (Nature)
The risk of carbon removal becoming a distraction (MIT Technology Review)

4. The potential impact of bots on elections: Not just ‘deep fakes’, expect newer AI tools to cause bigger disruptions.
The looming bot issue for upcoming elections (Scientific American $)
Unearthed Russian disinformation networks in Europe (The Economist $)

5. OpenAI wins preliminary lawsuit: OpenAI emerges victorious in a copyright-related legal dispute filed by authors.
The ongoing legal battle with OpenAI (Forbes)
The possible role of judges in shaping AI regulations (MIT Technology Review)

6. Perils of using Vision Pro: It is advisable to refrain from using Vision Pro while on the move due to a multitude of risks, including personal safety.
Why it’s unsafe to use Vision Pro on the go (CNET)

7. The US military’s ethically questionable recruitment tactics targeting teen gamers.
Delving into recruitment strategies targeting teen gamers (The Guardian)

8. A private firm’s failed lunar exploration attempt: Odysseus and NASA plan to try again this coming Thursday.
Delayed lunar landing attempt (NBC)

9. Jeff Bezos cashes in on Amazon shares: Bezos has sold more than $4 billion worth of Amazon shares, stirring speculation on his future plans.
Jeff Bezos sells a substantial amount of Amazon shares (Axios)

10. Eating a robot: Here’s an offbeat piece about the surreal experience of consuming a robot.
The peculiar experience of eating a robot (IEEE Spectrum)

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