Microsoft’s New Surface Pro Keyboard Enhances Readability with Bold Keys

Today’s event from Microsoft brought forward a promising leap in accessible technology. Alongside the unveiling of Surface Laptop 6 and Surface Pro 10 catered towards businesses, the tech giant also introduced its latest innovation, the first-ever Surface Pro Keyboard with bold keys. The company claims this keyboard to have a brighter backlighting than its earlier versions. The fusion of bright lighting with bold fonts may result in a more comprehensive read, potentially decreasing eye fatigue. The keyboard, however, will only be available in US English and currently accessible by customers solely residing in the US and Canada.

Like recently launched Windows keyboards, this new product also features the handy Copilot key. The AI-driven chatbot makes it possible to switch on accessible features without having to skim through complex menu settings. Using the Copilot, users can easily command actions like activating ‘live captions’ or turning on the ‘magnifier’.

Furthermore, Microsoft’s Adaptive Accessories are now accessible to commercial patrons, marking the first venture of the range outside the consumer market. Originally launched in 2022, the Adaptive Accessories, consisting of a modular mouse, hub, and other equipment, were designed for users who may find it challenging to use a standard mouse and keyboard. These accessories aid in crafting a customized setup to maximize productivity while ensuring that users can reap the benefits of their preferred applications with ease.