No Need to Visit Apple Store for Forgotten Vision Pro Passcode

Apple has introduced a Vision Pro update with visionOS 1.0.3 to address one of its most concerning problems since its inception. From Monday, if users forget their passcodes, they can reset their device and start afresh with a new setup. In the past, users who lost their passcodes either had to go to an Apple Store or mail the device to the AppleCare customer support team in order to regain use of their $3,500 device.

The novel software represents the first update of the visionOS since the mixed reality headset has been made available to users. The first two updates were rolled out during its pre-launch phase when only critics and software developers had access to it. The reports about the current software update were first published by MacRumors.

In the official release notes, Apple highlights that the update includes critical bug fixes and an added feature to reset your device if you can’t remember your passcode. There remains a question mark around why Apple released such high-end hardware with a reset feature that required a trip to the physical shop, when a more convenient solution in line with the rest of their products range took only a few weeks to develop.

Engadget’s Devindra Hardawar currently perceives Apple’s $3,500 headset as a mix of intrigue and dilemma, which might be more suited for developers or affluent Apple followers rather than everyday consumers. The Engadget editor came to the conclusion that the Vision Pro experience could summed up as, “Awe and frustration. A glimpse into what the future could hold, limited by the technology that is present today – even if that technology is some of the best that’s ever been produced.”