Playdate Conducts Sitewide Sale on Games Like Real Console

Playdate, the compact video game console, is hosting its first ever sitewide games sale, following in the footsteps of its bigger competitors. The sale, organized by manufacturer Panic, is a celebration of the first anniversary of the Playdate Catalog online store.

Shoppers will find notable discounts on offer. For instance, the Playmaker app, a delightful little synthesizer, is available for $8 instead of $15. The action RPG Under the Castle, now retailing for only $7, has seen a price cut of 30 percent. Plenty of other games are being sold at even lower prices. A Balanced Brew, an unusual unicycle/coffee-gathering simulation, is up for grabs for merely $2, and the Adventure-ish dungeon exploring game The Keyper is priced at only $1.

The Playdate is known for its large collection of indie games, which are exclusive to this platform. This sale does an excellent job showcasing these exclusives; however, one popular game is conspicuously missing from the promotion. Mars After Midnight, developed by Lucas Pope, is set to release on March 12, two days before the sale ends, keeping fans guessing about a potential day-one discount.

Playdate, for those unfamiliar, is a nostalgia-inducing handheld gaming console reminiscent of the iconic Nintendo Game Boy. It sports a vibrant yellow casing and a hand crank that serves as its unique control interface. This quirky crank plays a major role in some games, such as maintaining balance in A Balanced Brew. While it may seem gimmicky, it enhances the fun factor of the console.

Besides this ongoing sale, new Playdate owners are entitled to 24 free games with the purchase of the $200 console, which roll out gradually over a period of 12 weeks. The console has been on the market for almost two years now, with a noticeably long waiting period initially, as Panic raced to fulfill pre-orders. This issue has been resolved, and new orders are generally shipped within a few days.