Possible 2025 Release for Nintendo’s Switch 2

Speculation had been rife that the successor to Nintendo’s “Switch” console, often referred to as the “Switch 2”, was anticipated for release in the current year. However, a recent buzz seems to cast a shadow of doubt over that predicted launch period. Evidently, Nintendo is now communicating to its publishers about an intended release in the initial quarters of 2025, stated several sources, including VGC and Eurogamer. This seems to reflect the launch pattern of the original Switch console announced in October 2016 and released in early 2017.

From reports, publishers were recently apprised of the rescheduled launch from late 2024 to beginning of 2025. Some have even mentioned their involvement in the development of games for the upcoming Switch 2, eyeing early 2025 releases. A significant expected title amongst these is the much-awaited Metroid Prime 4, which continues to be part of Nintendo’s launch lineup, albeit without a concrete release date.

The company had, earlier this month, marginally raised its sales projection for Switch in the fiscal year 2024 from 15 million to 15.5 million units. This is however lower in comparison to the sales figures of 18 million and 23 million reported in 2022 and 2021. In response to rumors about the prospective delay in launch, Nintendo experienced a dip in its stocks today, as reported by Reuters.

Details about the forthcoming console, including its naming, remain shrouded in speculation. Predictions are indicating features like backward compatibility with the original Switch, 4K resolution support, and visual prowess at par with PS5 and Series X. Regardless of when the console is finally launched, it seems Nintendo will have a packed schedule this year. If the console is truly set to drop in Q1 2025, fans can expect its announcement at a Nintendo Direct event later this year.