Promising Paranormal Activity Game Set to Release in 2026

A renowned horror film franchise of the past two decades is getting ready to invade your game console. Teaming up with DreadXP and DarkStone Digital, led by independent developer Brian Clarke, Paramount Game Studios announces the creation of Paranormal Activity: Found Footage. The eerie game is scheduled to be released on various platforms in 2026.

The upcoming Paranormal Activity: Found Footage will expand upon the universe detailed in the seven-part film series, which premiered in 2007. This will be the first Paranormal Activity game that’s not virtual reality-based.

Staying true to its name, the game will employ the found-footage approach prominently used in the movies. Currently, details remain sparse, but there’s intimation of a sophisticated “haunt system”. This feature will tweak the severity and type of terror participants will experience, regulating it according to their in-game actions. A similar dynamic fear system has been incorporated in other games, including an early access game Don’t Scream that gained traction recently. How DarkStone Digital will exploit this feature remains to be seen.

Clarke is known for his critically acclaimed first-person horror game, The Mortuary Assistant. He voiced his enthusiasm for his current undertaking, the Paranormal Activity game, stating that he has been a fan of the series since its inception and it significantly influenced his style of horror. His statement was made public via a social media post.