Review of Apple’s Vision Pro

Apple has finally joined the mixed reality space with the launch of its Vision Pro. This device isn’t essential for everyone and it may not immediately revolutionize the world. Rather, its target market is primarily developers, Apple enthusiasts with deep pockets, and influencers. Vision Pro boasts high-quality displays with rich, bright colors and offers one of the best augmented reality experiences to date. As with the original iPhone or Apple Watch, it is still in its early stages with a limited choice of apps and disappointing battery life.

Many are wondering if this is the future of computing? Only time will tell. For a comprehensive review of this device, Devindra Hardawar’s article is highly recommended.

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Notably, TikTok’s parent company ByteDance, along with Meta, are not thrilled about the prospect of paying the EU for regulatory services and are challenging the oversight fee established by EU regulators. Under the newly enacted Digital Services Act (DSA), major platforms like TikTok and Meta are now subject to monitoring by EU regulators. All designated businesses are expected to share the €45.2 million ($48.7 million) fee that EU regulators argue is essential for effective oversight. However, Meta has been served an €11 million ($11.9 million) bill under the present arrangements.

In other news, Google recently consolidated its artificial intelligence chatbots, Bard and Duet AI, into a single entity named Gemini. In addition, a dedicated Gemini Android app was launched. If you install this app, you can set Gemini as the default on your Android phone.

In gaming news, Homeworld 3, the eagerly awaited sequel to the popular strategy game Homeworld 2, has again been postponed. The game has experienced multiple delays, with the latest release date set for May 13, 2024.