Review of Zuckerberg’s Vision Pro and Double Crash of Robotaxis

Occasionally, the timing can impact things negatively. This week, instead of expressing my disgust about this ‘meaty’ rice, the Morning After column focuses on Mark Zuckerberg. The multimillionaire has taken it upon himself to critique technology. Does he realize that it’s my territory? Zuckerberg, the CEO of Meta, unflatteringly critiqued Apple’s Vision Pro in comparison to Meta’s Quest 3 headset. A delightfully empty and trivial reason to critique something, but I had to pay attention. And perhaps now, you’ll lay your eyes on my piece too?

We also delved deeper into Waymo’s unfortunate incident in December. Two of the company’s self-driving vehicles crashed into a truck. Interestingly, it was the same truck.

This week’s highlights:

– Zuckerberg believes Quest 3 to be superior to the Vision Pro
– Waymo’s autonomous vehicles collide with the same pickup truck, twice
– United Airlines suspends new Airbus fleet due to non-smoking sign legislation violation

Read on:

GLAAD, an international LGBTQ media advocacy organization, has released their inaugural annual report for the video gaming industry. The report revealed that almost 20% of all American gamers identify as LGBTQ. However, a mere 2% of games feature characters and narratives that represent this community. Half of those could be from Baldur’s Gate 3 alone (I’m only half-joking). The report states that not only do many LGBTQ players find representation significant, but new generations of players are also increasingly accepting of queer content, regardless of their sexual orientation. A complete analysis of the report can be found here.

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