See The Universe: Christmas Tag 2023

It feels like forever since I engaged in a Christmas tag, so I decided to start my own this year! Feel free to participate and share.

  • What’s your holiday hangout?
    My Christmas Day is always jam-packed with activities, bringing us everywhere. I plan to visit my parents and little brother on Christmas morning before going with them to see my grandmother. Afterward, I will celebrate Christmas dinner with Jake and his mother’s family before joining his father’s side of the family for drinks and games. The next day, we will have dinner with my parents and follow it up with drinks and karaoke!
  • Your favourite Christmas film?
    Well, here are my top three:
    The timeless classic: It’s A Wonderful Life
    Adorable entertainment: Grandma Got Run Over by A Reindeer
    Uplifting vibes: Polar Express
  • The Christmas song you love the most?
    The undying classic – Fairytale of New York
  • A cherished Christmas Tradition?
    Although new to us, it’s a sweet tradition and one of the few things I’m genuinely looking forward to this year…
    We visit our friends’ house (Euan & Gemmas) for an exchange of Christmas presents accompanied by delectable food and pleasant company!
  • When do you open presents: Christmas Eve or Christmas morning?
    Save for the gifts we exchange with friends on Christmas Eve, all other presents are opened bright and early on Christmas morning since I’m an early riser during Christmas.
  • Your top Festive Food?
    Roast dinner with Pork crackling!
  • A Christmas treat you adore?
    Though available all year round, for me, these are exclusively Christmas goodies! After Eight Mints: there is always a box on the dinner table, and we end up challenging ourselves to a game where you place a mint on your forehead and get it into your mouth without using your hands!
  • Your most-liked Christmas ornament this year?
    We have a novel ornament on our tree this year, a white ceramic piece with ‘Our Last Year as Mr & Miss 2023’ etched on it.
    We are ecstatic to spend our first Christmas as a married couple next year!
  • Do you have an advent calendar, and which one, if so?
    This year I have two! My ‘sister-from-another-mother’ and Chief Bridesmaid, Beth, presented me with an adorable English Tea advent calendar. Each day unravels a different flavoured tea bag—all of which have been delightful till now. My other advent calendar, a gift from Jake, is a Kinder Bueno one, offering a sweet indulgence that I usually enjoy midway or towards the end of my day.
  • Is there a specific theme for your Christmas tree?
    Not at all!
    Though our bauble colour palette revolves around pink and silver, our tree also hosts a variety of unique, whimsical, and heartfelt pieces. I believe once Jake and I have our place, our tree will embrace a more definitive theme, but we will continue to incorporate all the precious and distinctive pieces we have gathered over time.
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