Smart Connect Simplifies Task Management Across Lenovo and Motorola Devices

Motorola and Lenovo revealed a novel cross-device management feature, Smart Connect, at the MWC 2024. This tool provides users with the ability to effortlessly transition tasks from one gadget to another. For example, users can now transfer a podcast from their mobile to their tablet without missing any segment with just a simple swipe, or conveniently share files across devices using the integrated Share Hub.

While all the compatible devices have not been disclosed yet, Lenovo PCs running on Windows 10 (or later versions) and selected Lenovo tablets and Motorola devices have been confirmed to support Smart Connect till now. This tool enhances multi-device navigation, allowing users to input through the same mouse and keyboard without any disruption, and offers synchronized notifications across all paired devices.

Furthermore, it introduces the smart clipboard feature that acts as a unified clipboard for all associated devices, enabling users to duplicate and paste items across devices. Smart Connect will facilitate users to transform their phones into hotspots for any connected PC or tablet, or even utilise it as a webcam. Users can also project content from their phones onto other connected devices to enjoy, for instance, videos on larger screens.

It is expected that Smart Connect will be available for download in the next few months from the Microsoft Store and Google Play Store. Along with this, Motorola has also showcased its innovative adaptive display concept, first introduced in 2024. This concept rollable display can adaptively transform from a slab to various shapes to fulfill different requirements like a tent-style assembly enabling self-support or a watch-style display which can be worn around the wrist.

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