Universe-Inspired Christmas Book Recommendations

We’re all fans of a good book here at UniverseGazing, making it only appropriate to offer some Christmas book suggestions in our Chirstmas blogging event!

Recommendations from Aimee:

While my experience with Christmas-themed books is somewhat limited, I’ve found the ones I have read to be charming and undemanding.
I’ve enjoyed two of the three books in Matt Haig’s Christmas Trilogy. Even though these books are categorized as children’s literature, they’re far from being immature. They’re delightful, uncomplicated, and festive reads that will appeal to readers of all ages. The trilogy includes:
– A Boy Called Christmas
– The Girl Who Saved Christmas
– Father Christmas and Me

I’m also looking forward to reading the final book of the trilogy this year!

Moving on to my second recommendation which is more suitable for adults.
The novel, named Smut Actually, is crafted by the skilled authors: A.V Davenport, May Lily Fire, and P. Lloyd.

As the title indicates, this book is a bit risqué!
The plot unfolds around the Christmas season and is loaded with enticing chapters. Each chapter follows various characters with distinct narratives, all converging in a fitting manner by the climax.

For those who appreciate a touch of titillation, this book is an ideal pick!

The last book I’d like to recommend is for those who love crime/mystery.
Lately, I’ve been engrossed in ‘Autumn Chills’ by Agatha Christie, a compilation of her short stories… fun fact, she has a short story collection for every season! Her winter-themed collection ‘Midwinter Murders’ is worth checking out this Christmas!

Recommendations from M-J:
M-J, a worker at our local library, has been keeping an eye out for some holiday reads!
M-J stumbled upon The Christmas Bookshop by Jenny Colgan and thought it seemed intriguing. This book was published in 2021 and now has a follow-up, Midnight at the Christmas Bookshop, out this year. Both of which could be a perfect fit for those who love getting wrapped up in a cozy Christmas saga.

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