Unsolved Mystery of Methane Emissions

Plane-made contrail clouds can be minimized by flight path changes, resulting in less warming. Discover more in our latest report. 

Addressing Climate Change

Diluted regulations from the US Securities and Exchange Commission have stymied efforts to influence businesses into acknowledging the impact of climate change, as detailed in a recently published opinion article.

Heat pumps reduce emissions significantly, even when the current energy grid is relatively unclean. Hence, it becomes more eco-friendly than traditional fossil fuel heating systems throughout most of the US.

Rivian has unveiled its compact SUV model, the R2, which is set to hit the market in 2026. This announcement points to a shift in the company’s strategy towards producing mainstream vehicles.

In contrast to solely focusing on electric vehicles (EVs), Toyota has found fiscal success with their hybrid vehicles. This aligns with my editorial from December 2022, arguing that hybrid cars won’t be phased out by EVs too soon.

Small aquatic plants called azolla are attracting scientific interest due to their ability to self-produce nitrogen and absorb large amounts of carbon, thus, making them suitable as crops and potential biofuel sources.

New York is pursuing legal action against the biggest meat company globally, alleging that its claim to achieve zero-emission meat production by 2040 is untrue and misleading.

A massive blaze in Texas resulted in the destruction of hundreds of homes, fuelled by dry conditions caused by climate change. Compounding the problem, many of these homes had no insurance coverage, resulting in a difficult path to restoration.