Upcoming Third-Party Releases: Focus of Wednesday’s Nintendo Direct

The upcoming Nintendo Direct is set to occur this Wednesday, according to recent announcements from the company. The event is being presented as a “partner showcase,” and Nintendo claims it will highlight Switch games debuting in the first half of this year that were developed and published by its partners. The event is planned to start on February 21 at 9AM ET.

These showcases are held regularly by Nintendo, but this one could hold more importance than usual. Just last week, Microsoft unexpectedly yet predictably stated that it would start introducing some of its own games to “other consoles,” which many are interpreting as the Switch, along with Sony’s PlayStation 5.

Nintendo reports that the presentation will be roughly 25 minutes, so there’s a possibility we’ll hear about games from third-party developers. However, the general expectation is that we’ll get some updates on which games Microsoft is planning to launch on the Switch. Though Microsoft has revealed plans to distribute four games to other platforms, it didn’t specify which ones; rumors suggest possibilities such as Hi-Fi Rush, Sea of Thieves, Halo, and Gears of War.

This comes at a period when there’s a noticeable absence of many Nintendo-first party games on the horizon for the platform. Adding to this is the speculation about a potential Switch 2 console; recent reports suggested that the release of the hardware is being delayed until 2025 after previously being expected to launch this year.