X Offers Free Audio and Video Calling for Non-Paying Users

X is gradually extending its audio and video calling feature to users who have not opted for its top-tier subscription service, previously named Twitter Blue. This update was announced on the platform by an internal engineer of the company, Enrique Barragan. X first rolled out this feature exclusively for paying iOS users last year, thereby allowing them to call others using the app. This was considered a step closer towards turning X into the “all-in-one” platform that Elon Musk envisions.

Later, this feature was brought to Android devices, but only premium subscribers were allowed to make calls. By the end of January, Musk stated that X plans to offer audio-video calling to all users once they ensure the feature is reliable and sturdy. Currently, users are still requested to sign up for X Premium to make calls by selecting the phone symbol in Direct Messages. However, after the latest update, even those without a paid subscription will be able to make calls.

The official X support page now indicates that any user can make and receive calls, though they ought to have connected through Direct Messaging at least once priorly. Earlier, it was stipulated that only the “Premium subscribers could make audio and video calls.”

Along with revealing the expansion of the calling feature, Barragan also announced that users can choose to receive calls from everyone on the app. For most users, the audio and video calls feature got activated by default in their Direct Messages’ settings. They can exclusively accept calls from only those they follow. However, an option called “Everyone” is expected to be available soon, mainly intended to benefit daring X users who are open to connectivity.